Responsible packaging solutions

We are bringing to market ecological, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for a greener tomorrow

NooBIO paper straws are made of FSC-certified paper. The straws are completely biodegradable and also resistant to alcoholic beverages.

NoiBIO bagasse products are a responsible choice for food packaging. Bagasse products are composted under composting conditions in just a few weeks.

Take a sushi away sushi box is a very stylish option. The window is made of antifog material, which means that the window does not evaporate in hot or cold. The boxes are available in three different sizes. There is also a separate dispenser for sushi boxes.

Our take away paper bags and other paper bags we manufacture are made only from FSC-certified papers. We want to offer for our customers products that are made from responsible materials.


We are a family business that has been operating in the packaging industry since 1998. Over the years, our operations have been honed to their current pattern. In 2018, we changed our company name from Noi Due Oy to our current name Noipack Oy.

Want to stand out from the rest with your own branded packaging supplies?

We will find a solution for this. We are able to customize just the right kind of packaging supplies for your needs. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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