Branded products

Tailored products

Let your brand be seen in a new way

With branded packaging, you can reach new customers through various channels and stand out from your other competitors. Branded packaging provides added value to your business by leaving a lasting impression on the consumer of the service they have used.

By branding your packaging you bring three essential things to your business: visibility, discoverability and familiarity.

The journey from idea to physical product


Together we will discuss the purpose of the product, the size of the product and also the material for the product. Based on our experience, we offer you our help to find the right solution for your idea.


We need your company logo and all other information that you want to use in your product lay out. After we got theme we can design a visual identity for your chosen product that looks like your brand. We will create a digital print of the product, before it goes into production.


Once the customer has confirmed the visual identity of the product and the product itself, we move on to the manufacturing stage. We follow the manufacturing process from start to finish. We want the customer to get the exact look and quality of the product they have ordered.


When then products are ready, we will send them to the delivery address you requested. It is also possible that we will store the products you have ordered and ship your products from our warehouse in smaller batches to the destination you request.*

(*Requires a separate agreement)
Need a product tailored specifically for you?
If we don"t have the product in our product range that you are looking for, we can design it together. With our long and solid experience in personalized products, we are sure to design a high quality and functional packaging solution for your company that looks exactly like your brand.
Why choose us?
We have really strong competence from the design to the implementation of packaging products. We place great importance on the quality of our products and the functionality of the packaging to meet the customer"s needs. We also want the customer to be sure of the reliability of the delivery of the product and the speed of delivery.
Tailored product examples
Below are a few examples of products that can be tailored.
Take away paper bag brown 32x17x29cm
Take away paper bag brown 32x17x29cm
Take away paper bag brown 32x17x29cm
Take away paper bag brown 32x17x29cm
Take away paper bag brown 32x17x29cm
Take away paper bag brown 32x17x29cm