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Our ambition is to offer a wide range of innovative products that are good for your company and to the consumer as well as for the environment. We are constantly working to ensure that we can offer a comprehensive line of innovative and ecological products followed by the guidelines of sustainable development.
NoiBio product line
Bring out your Eco with products from the NoiBIO product line. NoiBIO products are an excellent choice when looking for environmentally friendly packaging supplies that are good for the environment and for your business. We developed the NoiBIO product line to bring us closer to one of our main goals, to offer a wide range of sustainable packaging products. The products in this product line are ecological, strong, stylish, innovative and well thought in terms of sustainable development. All products in the NoiBIO product line are entirely biodegradable or compostable.
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Tailored Products
Would you like to promote your brand also through packaging accessories? Packaging can be much more than just a package. As a marketing tool, packaging supplies work very cost-effectively. The branded product can reach many new customers through various channels, including social media. From our wide range of products, you will find high-quality packaging choices for your company. If we don"t have a product to meet your needs, we can jointly customize one for you. We help you to implement your idea into a genuine product.
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In our wide range of pizza boxes, you will undoubtedly find a pizza box with the right size and design. Our pizza boxes are made of 100% virgin cartons which are also FSC-certified. The FSC-certification ensures that the pizza boxes are made of sustainable materials, and the virgin paper provides the robust quality for our pizza boxes. The pizza box can also be tailored and branded to fit your business needs.
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