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Paper straws
Check out our range of paper straws.
Check out our range of cutlery. In our range you will find wooden cutlery made from FSC-certified wood. The cutlery is 100% compostable. Our wooden cutlery is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable and well-functioning, ensuring a comfortable and convenient dining experience. Whether you're hosting a big event or just enjoying a meal in style, NoiBIO wooden cutlery is the perfect choice for those who care about sustainability.
Barbeque papers and -pockets
Check out our range of barbeque papers and -pockets. Our barbeque papers and -pockets are made from FSC certified paper and are also plastic-free as well as grease-resistant. If you can't find the right barbeque paper or -pocket in our range, we can design one to suit your needs, regardless of size or print.
Sauce containers and lids
Check out our product range of sauce containers and lids.